Web Server Migration to CentOS 7

If you need help with your Web Server Migration then contact us today.We have started the process of migrating the Websites we host from our old server running CentOS 5 to a new Cloud Server.

Our own Website https://www.bitsolver.co.uk was the first stage of the Web Server Migration.  Over the coming weeks we will me migrating customer Websites to the new system, we will perform the work at weekends or after 19:00 hours UK time during weekdays.  Customers will be notified when we are going to do their migration as they will be unable to update their site during this time and should avoid updating for up to 48 hours after to allow the I.P. Address for their Domain to be updated.

Benefits of the new Cloud Server:

  • The latest version of CentOS allows us to offer more features.
  • As customers expand their Website then we can scale the server up to cope with demand.
  • Should something dramatically go wrong with the server then we can restore it from a daily backup image.

If you have any concerns the please feel free to contact us on 01278 287735 or via email: [email protected]

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