Search Engine Optimization (SEO) comes standard with all of our Website products, we will optimize your site so search engines understand what the content means; helping your Website up the ranking order.Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about making your Website easily understood by search engines so they can easily index your pages and match them against users search queries.

At BitSolver Limited we understand how search engines work and what is needed to get your Website towards the top rankings of search engines.

Whilst we can never guarantee you a top spot for a particular search query, we can help you towards the top end.

The main key is staying near the top is:

Bad Search Engine Optimization

Simply adding all the keywords you can think of to meta tags will not work.  Neither will having a big list of links to other sites, or getting as many links to your sites as possible.

Good Search Engine Optimization

When people search from something then they want to see results that are relevant to what they are searching for.  At BitSolver Limited we will work with you to make sure your content is relevant, useful, and understood by search engines, as well as your customers.

  • We will make sure your images are marked up correctly so that search engines know what they are.
  • We will make sure all you pages have the correct meta descriptions set.
  • We can help you updated your content when needed to keep your Website up to date.

Clear, up to date, and relevant content is what customers are looking for.

At BitSolver Limited we keep up to date with the latest search engine developments and we are always here to help.