We can host dedicated or virtual servers for you businessServer Hosting

At BitSolver Limited we can host Linux or Windows for you, on the Internet.  These could be private to your company network or available to the general public.  We can host dedicated servers or virtual servers (also known as cloud servers) for you business.

Private Server Hosting

Private servers run services that you business needs to run day to day tasks.  Such examples are:

  • Internal Database (for staff or customer details etc).
  • Internal Email servers.
  • Storage of company documents etc.
  • Internal Web Server providing information to employees.

Public Server Hosting

Public servers are visible by everyone on the Internet although there could be secure areas for customers to login.  Some examples are:

  • Your main company Website.
  • Customer facing servers.

Dedicated Server Hosting

A dedicated server is a full server hosted in a data Centre solely for your business use, no other business can use the server.

Virtual / Cloud Server Hosting

A virtual or cloud server is a server that shares resources and a large physical server, or cluster of physical servers.  You share the hardware with other customers.  Hardware can be added at anytime without disturbing you virtual server. If some of the physical hardware fails then your server is automatically moved to good hardware.  Generally virtual servers have a snapshot taking at least once a day, so in the event of something seriously going wrong the virtual server can be restored to a good state.

You can start of with a small virtual server and add resources to it as your business requirements grow.

Dedicated Server vs Virtual Server

Virtual Servers Dedicated Servers
  • Scalability
    You can start with a small server.
    The server can grow as your business grows.
  • Software configuration
    You have full control over the software configuration.
    You have full root/admin access.
  • Costs Effective
    Costs grow as your requirements grow.
  • Fast & Easy Migration
    It is easy to move your Virtual Server to another Virtual Server quickly and easily.
  • Snapshots
    It is easy to take a snapshot at a given point in time and restore it at a later date if needed.  A good basic form of backup.
  • All the server power is yours
    You get to use all of the servers resources.
  • Your server is completely Isolated
    You do not share hardware with any other users.
  • Software and Hardware configuration
    You have full control over the choice of software and hardware configuration.
    You have full root/admin access.
  • Shared Resources
    Whilst you server is isolated from other virtual servers it does share physical resources.  The host network is shared between all virtual servers.
    At busy times performance can be degraded.
  • Expensive
    A dedicated server requires more upfront costs.
  • Inflexible
    Resources require downtime to repair or upgrade.
  • Not possible to take snapshots
    It is not possible to take snapshots of dedicated servers, so another form of backup is needed at extra cost.

Bespoke Software

We could develop the Bespoke Software that your business requires and host it for you on dedicated or virtual servers.